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Revive Roots promotes and influence sustainable methods to natural hair and natural hair education through educational workshops and holding space to touch on many factors aiding in the growth and integrity of hair without consistent salon visits. Revive Roots curate’s programs, workshops, and spaces with access to do-it yourself natural hair services. Workshops to promote the growth and integrity of your hair without the regular salon visits. Debunking myths, introducing new regimens and products into your daily routine through educating and hands on experiences with a professional licensed cosmetologist.




  1. Restore to life or consciousness.

 Launching 2022.




I can remember at a young age, I loved grabbing my granny comb and raking through her hair at the end of the night just playing with her hair for what felt like hours. I had the time of my life! Being 1 of 4 girls in my house we weren’t able to keep standing appointments as often with our stylist. Between the ages of 11-12 we had to start figuring out how to style and maintain our hair ourselves so we weren't looking crazy by the head.  I made it a priority to learn online different things from products, tricks and hacks to what would give me the best results. I searched high & low on blogs, Youtube and magazines to learn as much as possible. I was so inspired!! Soon after, I realized just how passionate I was about hair. I learned about Cosmetologist, people who specialized in hair care and styling. My mind was blown away, I knew then I wanted to become a Licensed Cosmetologist. My sisters & mom were so kind and supportive, they became my test subjects for different protective styles and homemade products that stimulated hair growth. I want to give parents and children who may not have the resources and access to frequent salon visits the tools and credible knowledge to do the same. I want to promote and influence the access to not only natural hair services but also hair education, starting with our roots. Getting into the history of why we do, what we do. Why and how our hair is one of the most powerful tools we're born with. Why it's important to learn our roots! The goal is to curate programs and a safe space in my community that helps parents and children of color gain the knowledge needed to revive the growth and the integrity of their hair.

- Jalondria D. Owner of Revive Roots LLC.

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